Softwarekonferenz für parallele
und hochperformante Programmierung
Heidelberg, Print Media Academy, 19.–22. Februar 2019

// Hands-on-Session: Intel Advisor vectorization and roofline (Part 1)

Step by step, the attendee will be able to understand how to modify the code of an N-body simulation code, a dynamical system of particles under the influence of gravity forces, thru different optimization stages spanning from scalar tuning, vectorization tuning, memory tuning and threading tuning.

The session will cover Intel Compiler and Advisor.

// Fabio Baruffa Fabio Baruffa

is a software technical consulting engineer in the Developer Products Division (DPD) at Intel. He is working in the compiler team and provides customer support in the high performance computing (HPC) area. Prior at Intel, he has been working as HPC application specialist and developer in the largest supercomputing centers in Europe, mainly the Leibniz Supercomputing Center and the Max-Plank Computing and Data Facility in Munich, as well as Cineca in Italy. He has been involved in software development, analysis of scientific code and optimization for HPC systems. He holds a PhD in Physics from University of Regensburg for his research in the area of spintronics device and quantum computing.