parallel 2012

Softwarekonferenz und Workshops für Parallel Programming, Concurrency und Multicore-Systeme - Karlsruhe, IHK, 23.-25. Mai 2012

Softwarekonferenz und Workshops für Parallel Programming, Concurrency und Multicore-Systeme. Karlsruhe, IHK, 23.-25. Mai 2012

Call for Papers

The dealine for papers has expired.

This year’s parallel 2012 will take place on May 23rd and 24th at the IHK Karlsruhe. Parallel 2012 is a software conference for parallel programming, concurrency, and multicore-systems. It is hosted by heise Developer, Heise-Online-Channel for software development, and dpunkt.verlag, a publisher of computer reference books.

The conference is aimed toward software architects, developers, project managers, and IT-strategists and will cover fundamentals and important aspects of parallel software development and concurrent programming.

The hosts of the conference invite parallel programming experts to submit presentations and tutorials for the conference by December 31st, 2011.

We are interested in the following presentation topics:

  • Well established multithreading and sync mechanism
  • Modern programming models and parallel strategies, such as Actors, Agents, Software Transactional Memory, MapReduce, DataFlow, and functional programming
  • Design patterns for parallel and concurrent programming
  • Experience in programming platforms such as Java, .NET, and C/C++
  • Experience in languages such as Ada, Erlang, F#, Fortran, Scala, Clojure, and Groovy
  • Experience with DSLs (Domain Specific Languages) for parallel programming
  • Language extensions and libraries for parallelization
  • Basic architectural decision-making for the application of parallelized software
  • Analysis of existing applications for parallelization
  • Tests of parallel applications and correctness analysis
  • Field reports of current or finalized projects within different industries
  • Field reports regarding real time and functional security within embedded development
  • Important tools within parallel programming
  • Parallel accelerators such as GPUs (CUDA, OPenCL, and OpenGL)

We are looking for presentations up to 90 minutes long, or short sessions of up to 40 minutes. Tutorials have been scheduled for full days. Please send short abstracts (400–600 characters) as well as long abstracts (maximum of one DIN-A4 page) explaining your proposed presentation by December 31st, 2011.

The conference board consists of Michael Barabas (dpunkt.verlag), Alexander Neumann (heise Developer), Heinz Bast (Intel), Urs Gleim (Siemens), Johannes Link (freelance software developer and author), Dariusz Parys (D&PE, Microsoft), Tobias Schuele (Siemens) and Jan-Philipp Weiss (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology).

Please feel free to contact us with questions regarding the conference or schedule of events: